ALPS: The Arbitrary Linear Plasma


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 **Daniel Verscharen** (\\ **Daniel Verscharen** (\\
-**Kristopher G. Klein**+**Kristopher G. Klein** ​(
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 **Daniel Verscharen**\\ **Daniel Verscharen**\\
-Space Science ​Center\\ +Mullard ​Space Science ​Laboratory\\ 
-University ​of New Hampshire\\+University ​College London ​\\
 ==== Co-Investigators ==== ==== Co-Investigators ====
 +**Kristopher G. Klein**\\
 +Climate and Space Science\\
 +University of Michigan\\
 +**Benjamin D. G. Chandran**\\
 +Space Science Center\\
 +University of New Hampshire\\
 +**Michael L. Stevens**\\
 +Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics\\
 +Harvard University\\
 +**Chadi S. Salem**\\
 +Space Science Laboratory\\
 +University of California at Berkeley
 +**Stuart D. Bale**\\
 +Space Science Laboratory\\
 +University of California at Berkeley
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