ALPS: The Arbitrary Linear Plasma


The double precision parameter perpcorr describes a correction factor for the fitting function for the hybrid analytic continuation in the perpendicular direction. In the Maxwellian case, for example, the fitting function is multiplied with

exp( + perpcorr * pperp * pperp).

In the kappa case, the factor

 perpcorr * pperp * pperp

is added to the expression that is taken to the power -(kappa+1).

In this way, it is not necessary that the fitting routine fits very small function values, which would otherwise cause problems.

This perpendicular correction has no influence on Jüttner fits.

If perpcorr = 0, this additional functionality is turned off, and the fit is applied at each iperp.

It is recommended to set perpcorr to roughly 1 / (alphs * beta * tau * ms).

perpcorr has to be defined for each fit.

perpcorr is part of the namelist &ffit_.

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